Pic Stitch

Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram–without these apps and social media platforms, I would not be able to create the look I want for this blog.

For a long time, I noticed that some Instagram users create images that have multiple pictures in one frame. It is a nice touch if you are trying to capture the essence of a specific person, place or thing using more than one picture. I thought these layouts were part of the Instagram app, but it turns out there are several photo frame collage apps.
I randomly chose Pic Stitch–it has several layouts and does the job well. After selecting your pictures for each frame, you have the option to export your image to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or your iPhone’s Camera Roll. I have been experimenting with Pic Stitch for the past twenty-four hours and cannot seem to stop, check it out:
Jack Wills
Farm stand
Swizzles Frozen Yogurt
Newbury Street
Dave’s Coffee
The Gilded Nest
Tusk & Cup Fine Coffee

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