A Weekend with Lobsters, Ice Cream, and Jimmies

Between beginning the weekend in Narragansett, staying in Boston, visiting North Smithfield, driving to Providence, then taking the bus to Newport, I am exhausted.

On Friday night, we had dinner at Twin Willows with my aunt, cousin, and her son. 
I left for Boston Saturday morning to visit my boyfriend, who is currently doing summer research at his university. From South Station, we walked around the shops in the city centre where the big H&M is. We took the T back to his apartment then baked cupcakes before heading out to dinner on Newbury Street.
We meant to go to an Italian restaurant we had been before, but because of a long wait, we chose to eat outside at Charley’s. For dessert, we visited my boyfriend’s friend who works at an ice cream shop in Quincy Market. 
This morning my boyfriend and I had brunch in the dorm–Eggo waffles served with strawberries and sparkling white grape juice. Afterwards, we took the train to Providence and  met up with his friend again, along with his girlfriend, before heading to the friend’s father’s birthday cookout in North Smithfield. It was a perfect day for a lobster lunch and birthday cake. 
I caught the bus back to Newport while my boyfriend took the commuter rail back to Boston. We had a great weekend and I definitely want to go back to Boston again soon.
Chicken Tenders at Twin Willows
Train to Boston

South Station

Nutella shake

Blackened Chicken Alfredo
Roosters on Newbury Street
Faneuil Hall

Sprinkles in Quincy Market
Leftovers of the “Green Monster” ice cream with chocolate jimmies and mini M&Ms

Sunday brunch

Love local farm stands with fresh fruits and vegetables

Chalk graffiti by the bus stop

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