Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 1

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Project Runway is back and celebrating its tenth season!

Since the show started, it has always been a challenge keeping up with it because of a busy schedule, but I am determined to watch every episode this season, as well as look up the designers’ background, aesthetic, past work, etc.

“Edgy” collectively describes the group of contestants participating this season. If their designs do not reflect a “rough-around-the-edges” personality, their behavior certainly does. Regardless, it is this raw, honest energy that contributes to the beauty of the clothes.

Before watching Project Runway, I checked out some of the designers’ profiles a few days ago. Based on the profiles I saw, here were the contestants I predicted would do well on the show (in no particular order):

1. Melissa Fleis- Pretty, laid back, cool girl complete with a laid back, cool wardrobe. Think of Goth toughness and urban sophistication.
2. Beatrice Guapo- Her jersey knits she showed on her closet tour…I wanted all of them. It would be cool to see if she did a cocktail dress.
3. Alicia Hardesty– Again, another designer who values comfort, but who pays great attention to detail. There was a pair of pants she featured in her casting call that were immaculate.
4. Christopher Palu- His energy is intense, driven, and ready to GO. When he showed the collage of inspiration on his bedroom wall then mentioned he worked for Sam Edelman, that reflects real talent. A strong sense of self that is important to have, but may get him in trouble.

The first challenge had the contestants design two looks–one made at home, the other made at the Parsons workroom with the one day time constraint–and show them on a runway set up in Times Square. Some looks were better than others–Melissa’s essential urban-noir chic, Ven’s artfully constructed rose bustier, and Christopher Palu’s flowy dress were my faves, as well as the judges’.

As always, Heidi Klum looked stunning in the commercials, advertisements, and on the show itself.
Tim Gunn makes it work.
Nina Garcia’s hair remains perfect.
Michael Kors still rocks those aviators.

Patricia Field and Lauren Graham were guest judges.

Unfortunately, Beatrice (jersey girl), was the first to go, but I hope that she comes out with a good jersey line soon!

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