Leesburg, Day 1: Seeing Spider Man in Suburbia

Leesburg, Virginia. Named after General Robert E. Lee, the quaint, historical town has colonial Southern charm. Many of the original buildings still remain today and are occupied by modern retailers and cool cafes.
Historical Leesburg, however, is surrounded by suburban sprawls of new developments and shopping centers. The new developments contrast the old brownstones in the historical part of town, but each represents a different aesthetic that is beautiful in its own way.
The movie theater we went to boasts the pleasures of suburban sprawls. The building was two stories–the first for the typical box office for tickets, the second for everything else. “Everything else” refers to the bar, two concession lines complete with a restaurant menu, and a ‘VIP’ area. 
The movie screens themselves were like any other cinema, but the extra touches like the bar were something I have never seen before.
The Amazing Spiderman took a while to get started because of technical difficulties, but it was worth the wait. I preferred this version over the Tobey Maguire one for several reasons:
  1. Andrew Garfield is more attractive [insert personal opinion here].  His coif? His skateboard? His clothes? Loved it. More importantly, he was still geeky, but everything about him did not have to scream geeky to get the point across.
  2. Emma Stone is darling. The humor she brings to all of her movies was a nice touch to again in Spiderman.
  3. The real life chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone shows–in a great way. They are absolutely adorable! The scene when Peter Parker tries to ask out Gwen in the hallway was perfect.
  4. Kirk Douglas makes a great Uncle Ben. He is boss.

Overall, what I preferred about this version of Spiderman was that it was not such a literal interpretation. It was updated for 2012. 

I got popcorn chicken–it was actually served in a popcorn bag and layered with popcorn. I was hungry, so I  did not have the restraint to wait a minute and take a picture.

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