Narragansett/Newport: Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

Lately, I have been going to the beach in the morning, then seeing friends in Newport during the afternoon. Almost every night has ended with either a frozen yogurt from Beluga or ice cream from Brickley’s– #rhodeislandliving.

My boyfriend came to visit from Boston last night and we went to the fireworks display at Narragansett Beach. I uploaded a video of the fireworks, but managed to take a video of the dullest part of the show. I promise it was cooler than it seems.

Today, we went to the beach late morning with the family, stopped by Monahan’s for clam cakes, and head out to Newport for dinner and dessert. We took a short walk on the Cliff Walk, then caught a pedicab to get to the Brick Alley Pub. Our driver, a URI senior film major, invited us to be part of his documentary. All we had to do was answer the question:

“What is your definition of love?”

I am not going to say my answer, but there is a thought-provoking question for you to think on.

My boyfriend had to go back to Boston today, but we had a great Fourth of July.

Jack Wills Fourth of July campaign–brilliant
I work at Beluga froyo and my friend is the manage at Orange Leaf froyo. Partisanship at its finest: #froyolove. 
Massive thunderstorm in Newport. My friend and I got caught in the rain, so… 
We ran from the shops on Thames to Rhino Bar. My friend ordered a grilled cheese made with Texas toast and I ordered chowder.  Rhino Bar recently added a clubbing space adjacent from the bar and revved up the food menu. Definitely worth checking out.

Diva boutique on Thames

Wickford Commuter Rail Station

Happy Fourth of July from Narragansett Beach!
Today’s Beach Drink of Choice: Extra Small Mocha Coffee Coolatta at Dunkin  Donuts
Monahan’s, at the end of the Narragansett sea wall towards Galilee

Pedicab ride!
Passing The Elms,
International Tennis Hall of Fame,

Hotel Viking,

The rest of Bellevue Avenue,
Washington Square,
and Brick Alley Pub.
The bar on the second floor of the restaurant

Appetizer: Mussels

Dinner: Lobster Mac & Cheese

Beluga Froyo at Goddard Row, behind Subway  and next to Sushi Go
Click here to check out Beluga’s website!
Strawberry Froyo/Cake Batter Froyo mix served with fresh strawberries and chocolate chips
Hydrangeas at Newport Gateway Center

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