Find of the Week | 3

Earlier this week, I went to the mall with my mother and brother. We scored on some great after-holiday deals, like these furry slippers and this handbag at JCPenney:

Faux Fur Slipper Booties, JCPenney, originally $32.00, marked down to $8.00

Handbag, JCPenney, originally $39.99, marked down to $19.99

There was an impressive buzz at the other mall nearby where my boyfriend and I went today. There were a ton of great clearance sales going on, most sales 40% to 75% off. I was not looking to buy anything, but while we were waiting in line at Auntie Ann’s Pretzels–no judgement, because you know you like those cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets, too– I went into Icing by Claire’s.

I am not going to lie, I had some serious preconceived notions about Claire’s, but my attitude changed when I saw they had the cutest iPhone 4G case. Not only that, they also had a cute flask and matching shot glass. Best of all? The low prices on each item.

From right: Gold/White Flask, $12.50; Vintage Print Shot Glass, $6.50; iPhone 4G case, $10.50; all available at Icing by Claire’s 

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