Want: Christmas 2011

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and Christmas is everywhere! I have been trying to figure out what I want for Christmas, but I honestly have no idea. My PHL 220 Philosophy and Responsibility course has convinced me that material things are superfluous and undermine our journey to seek wisdom and become philosopher kings…

But since we are not living in the time of Plato, materialism is a reality that we must face in every situation: Do you have the right suit for that interview? Are you driving the right car to impress his family? Was that bracelet too much with that dress?
And of course, the all encapsulating question, “Does this [insert article of clothing here] make me look fat?”
I digress.
I’ve thought carefully about what I want for Christmas this year. The list is subject to change, but here’s what I came up with:
1. These Juicy Couture rain boots. In Newport, rain boots are a necessity, not so much a “want.” It’s a need.

2. A tailored black pants suit. I need to start looking at professional apparel for job interviews and internships.  Again, a necessity.

3. High heeled pumps to go with #2. I’m tempted to buy leopard pumps for this (like the Coach pair below), because I think interviewers would remember “the girl with those shoes.” I think as long as the rest of my outfit is conservative, closed toed pumps should be fair game to express myself. This way, I hope to read “Yes, I can be professional, but I also love representing my individuality as a creative.” If not leopard, maybe a beautiful jewel tone pump, definitely.

4. Handbag with #2 and #3. I went to a job fair in Boston and I noticed all of the women had gorgeous, professional handbags. I do not like totes, although that’s what I would probably have to get. If I do find a great satchel, that would work too (Mulberry, anyone?)

5. Black trench with #2, #3, and #4. Must have a cute lining inside.

6. A leather portfolio to complete “real world outfit”described in #2, #3, #4 and #5.  So my information is not all wrinkled. Also folders and binders are just cheap.

7. Well-made sunglasses not a $5 pair off Canal Street.

8. Jeans or Rugby cords in plum or merlot.

9. Sweaters.

10. A JOB!

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