Jack Wills

After coming back to school this year, I noticed the Brick Market Place added a new boutique–Jack Wills, University Outfitters. I never heard of the brand before, but little did I know I would become absolutely obsessed.

 Jack Wills is a British boutique chain that is all over England including London, Nottingham, and Durham, as well as Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. Thankfully, Jack Wills is also in the United States down the East Coast.

 The store is neatly laid out with white shelves stacked with graphic hooded sweatshirts; merino wool cardigans modestly folded on antique hardwood tables; and Jack Wills totes and duffles stowed in the bookshelves. Imagine a miniature post-Hogwarts University to be like. Old, hardwood floors. Cardigans, cords, oxfords. Tableaux of old books, wine bottles, and knick-knacks occupy the top of the shelves, a sort of college, shabby chic.

More than anything, the Jack Wills experience is simply magical. There is something irresistible about the brand that separates itself from the average boutique. Perhaps I’m referring to an English soft, yet durable, elegance. Wearing Jack Wills means you’re practical, but still fashionable. A Jack Wills University girl wears simple and constructed casual wear without sacrificing taste. 

Jack Wills is currently doing a University Tour that travels to select colleges down the East Coast and hosting giveaways and parties. How cool is that? I won a $300 shopping spree for winning a Facebook competition, and bought a canvas duffle, cardigan, and cosmetic case in the classic Jack Wills tough pink and soft navy stripes. I also bought a yellow and navy shirt for my brother and a passport case for my friend in the signature stripe as well. I am obsessed.

I cannot wait to see what else Jack Wills will come up with next to enchant the American girl.

For more information, check out the website!

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